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“Abuse is not love.”


What if we retold our stories?

Retold them without the abusive behavior and sexist bullshit?

No slut shaming Aphrodite or Gods sexually assaulting women.

Sleeping Beauty having agency in her own life.

Princes knowing helping a girl out doesn’t mean she owes him her body.

Think about how that would change our relationships with others and our selves.

It’s time to untangle from

the abuse woven around us.

Our first stories are ones that normalize abusive behavior.  

The stories don’t get better as we get older. We grow up with a twisted idea of what love is.

I work with people ready to break from the Abuse is Love lie. I’ll help you set healthy boundaries and learn to love yourself a little more.

 Did we get all the professional shit out of the way? Good.

I swear like a sailor. I’m so over New Age Wank and the constant peddling of abusive behavior as love.

I love horror movies. I have a morbid sense of humor and am constructed of mostly snark.

I’m here for people creating the hell out of the things that light them up like the sun.

Creating, whether it’s a new life or new art, isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it.

Shine so bright all the fuckery burns away.


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