Muse Magick Paintings

Muse Magick Paintings

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Genius. Soul Calling.

The thing you frakking rock at. 

The whispering of ideas that burn in the pit of your stomach waiting to set the world on fire.

Muses are the voices of the wild wanton parts of ourselves that allow us to dream fiercely. The untamable pieces. Our creative centers.

These paintings are one of a kind Muse portraits and a message from Muse to you.

I create a sacred space, light a candle for you, and have my Muse invite your Muse over for a drink. 

I let your Muse tell me what they’d love for you to know. 

Muses come in all forms. Yours may look like a mermaid, a faery or something else. 

These paintings are created on quality watercolor paper. I have two easy to frame sizes available. Includes white matting. 

It takes 2-3 weeks to complete your Muse painting and get it shipped out. 


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