StitchCraft Shawl

StitchCraft Shawl


Imagine wrapping yourself in magic. Anchoring it to you in physical away that is a beautiful reminder of the magic & healing energies in your life.

These shawls are enchantments worked one stitch at a time. They are infused with energy and custom designed. The design is inspired by the energy working.

Why a shawl?

Fiber arts have always been closely connected to magic. Spinning gold. Weaving Fate. Spinning, knitting or crocheting are naturally meditative. This also makes them perfect for working magic.

Think about how your favorite outfit makes you feel. These shawls are like that, plus full on magical intent.

After your order is placed, we’ll have a chat about the magic you want to work in your life, color choices and yarns. I’ll find amazing yarn for your shawl. The yarn will be cleansed and cleared energetically before I use it for your energy working.

Hand knitting or crocheting magic takes some time. It can take several weeks to complete your shawl. This isn’t fast work, but it is powerful. I only have a few spaces open for these shawls through out the year.

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